Desktop Home Appraisal

Fast, accurate, and affordable home appraisal by a local Certified Appraiser.

Service & Report Details

Justin has developed the resources and processes to deliver a home appraisal meeting your needs. Too often are people relying on automated online home estimates like Zillow which are proven to be extremely inaccurate. Nothing is more reliable than a licensed appraisers home value estimate.

  • Completed by licensed/competent appraiser located in your area
  • Can be delivered to you within 1 day
  • Affordable alternative to a full home appraisal

Our Desktop Home Appraisal allows us to document observations based off the following actions:

  • A complete and thorough investigation of records, MLS, agent, and owner description of the interior and exterior areas of the subject property.
  • An virtual inspection of the surrounding neighborhood (including street map showing location of subject property) via aerial and street level photography.
  • An virtual inspection of each of the comparable sales from the street level and aerial photography (including review of descriptive photographs of comparable sales).
  • Research, verification and analysis of data from reliable public and/or private sources.
  • A summary of an appraiser’s analysis, opinions and conclusions in this appraisal report.

Hi! I’m your local appraiser..


Justin Stevens

I’m here to assist you with any questions. I utilize the highest quality data and tools along with my 18 years of experience as a Certified Appraiser & Realtor to create the most reliable appraisal reports in the industry.

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