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A URAR form, also known as Fannie Mae Form 1004, contains information needed to complete a full appraisal of a property using three primary approaches to determine value: cost approach, sales comparison approach and income approach. Common sections featured on a URAR form include:

  • Basic information including address, legal description, owner’s and/or borrower’s names
  • Information on the contract for sale
  • Information pertaining to the size, shape, zoning and access to utilities as well as FEMA flood-zone information
  • Data indicating physical characteristics of the subject property such as age, materials and condition
  • Analysis of comparison to recent sales of similar properties.

A URAR form allows an appraiser to document observations based off of the following actions:

  • A complete visual inspection of the interior and exterior areas of the subject property (including descriptive photos of the property, as well as exterior building sketch indicating dimensions).
  • An inspection of the surrounding neighborhood (including street map showing location of subject property).
  • An inspection of each of the comparable sales from at least the street (including descriptive photographs of comparable sales).
  • Research, verification and analysis of data from reliable public and/or private sources.
  • A summary of an appraiser’s analysis, opinions and conclusions in this appraisal report.

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